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We’d love to partner with your school to support your relationships and sexuality education. We offer a range of curriculum based workshops to students, parents and teachers. Our student workshops are designed to be run in the classroom with the teacher present to ensure continuity of the learning experience.

We appreciate that each school’s journey with this area of the curriculum may differ and we aim to meet the specific needs of the students with whom we engage. All our presenters are fun and engaging and present the information and activities in a sensitive and age appropriate manner.

We also offer a range of workshops and resources for teachers that support your schools’ positive sexuality and relationships education goals. Contact us to discuss how we can assist.

“Let’s Chat have provided workshops for our students for the past five years. Their handling of sensitive topics surrounding puberty, changing bodies, fertilisation and pregnancy is superb. Our students are led through a series of age appropriate activities which encourage participation and discussion. The girls feel comfortable to voice their questions and concerns in a safe environment. I recommend these women to you without reservation.”

For Students

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Transition to high school

Year 6

This workshop is designed for year 6 student and a parent or carer.  We explore important tools for transitioning to high school, device use, sleep, nutrition, the nature of their friendships and relationships and how these change over time.

Let's Chat Education for teachers

Respect and Resilience

Years 5 and 6

This workshop is a must for year 5 and 6 students. It aligns with the Respectful Relationships Education Program and informed by Love Bites NAPCAN facilitator training.  These workshops are designed to promote the development of communication skills, social skills and language and behaviours required for respectful friendships and relationships. 

Why do girls and boys have different parts? Let's Chat Education

Healthy & safe bodies

Years Prep-3 (80 mins)

What is the difference between private and public body parts and places? What are the physical warning signs that can help keep you safe? We look at ways to encourage students to identify feelings related to their body and give tips and advice on ways to respond to unsafe situations as well as adults they can talk to.

Why do I feel like I don't belong? Let's Chat Education

Understanding friendships

Years 3-6 (80 mins)

During the tweens years, friendships start to change and become very important to both boys and girls. Offering students strategies to build positive and empathetic connections, this workshop dives into the challenges of comparing and competing with others. We identify the characteristics of respectful relationships and an understanding of a variety of relationships. A powerful workshop to build resilience for the upper primary and high school years.

Why do we have to go through puberty? Let's Chat Education

Intro to changing bodies

Years 4-5 (90 mins)

Around this time, students will start noticing changes outside their bodies as well as inside. Here we explore some of the physical, emotional and social changes to do with puberty. This workshop encourages students to use correct language and name the private body parts and to gain confidence to understand the functions. Students will be supported to identify physical warning signs that help keep them safe and ways to respond to unsafe situations as well as adults they can chat to.

When will puberty stop? Let's Chat Education

Who am I?

Years 5-6 (90 mins)

What makes you unique? In this workshop students will have the opportunity to identify and think about what makes them special by discussing feelings and personal strengths. They will be involved in problem solving scenarios to do with managing puberty changes and characteristics of respecting diversity and relationships.

Do mood swings happen often? Let's Chat Education

Managing changing bodies

Years 6-7 (90mins)

Students are encouraged to consolidate information about puberty by discussing the names and functions of the reproductive system and tools to manage those physical, emotional and social changes. We give tips and advice on ways to identify physical warning signs that help keep them safe and how to respond to unsafe situations as well as adults they can chat to.

How are twins formed? Let's Chat Education

Where babies begin

Years 6-8 (90 mins)

What is a menstrual cycle? How is sperm produced? In this workshop students are supported in a sensitive manner to learn about fertilisation and stages of pregnancy, as well as respectfully acknowledging laws and values around sexual intercourse.

Why doesn't my body look like other boys? How are twins formed? Let's Chat Education

Intro to media madness

Year 5 (90 mins)

A workshop that explores the impact and influences of the media and identifies strategies and tools for a healthy body image and positive respectful relationships. Students participate in engaging activities that encourage them to think critically about media images and messages and identify the difference between the media world and real world.

What should I do if I see pornography? How are twins formed? Let's Chat Education

Media madness

Years 6-8 (90 mins)

Identifying strategies and tools for a healthy body image and positive respectful relationships is key to this workshop. Students participate in an activity that encourages them to think about the characteristics of healthy and respectful friendships and relationships. They explore stereotypical messages and negative impacts of internet pornography as well as discuss their behaviour and identity online.

Respectful Relationships

Respect and Relationships

Years 7-9 (90 mins)

The first years of high school are significant for a child’s developing sexuality. The workshop supports students to identify and value respect in both friendships and relationships. This is scaffolded through interactive activities to build understanding around the concepts of gender, stereotypes, sexuality, relationships and respect and can be tailored to meet particular needs in your school community.

For Parents

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Top tips on chatting early & answering tricky questions 

This unique workshop can be customised to suit the needs of your parent group. We can chat about normal and healthy developmental stages of sexuality, the importance of sexuality and puberty education, how to navigate tricky situations and answer questions appropriately as well as tips on helpful resources and support. We can also offer parents information about any classroom workshops that may be running in their school.

For Teachers

Let's Chat Education for teachers

Puberty education is an important curriculum responsibility for schools. Let’s Chat assists teachers with tailored support and resources to implement age appropriate and valuable learning experiences for students. Whether you have an hour or a day let us guide you with strategies and conversation for the classroom that not only meet learning outcomes but help facilitate confident kids who value confident bodies.

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