What’s fun about puberty?

As if parenting is not challenging enough and then puberty rears its head. Well I’m here to reassure you there are ways to embrace the world of changing hormones and teen turmoil. Actually as parents we have more control than you may think. We may not be able to control the fact that they are growing up but as parents we have the opportunity to make the journey an enjoyable experience.

So much talk about teens, adolescents, puberty is associated with negative chat, dread and fear. Puberty happens slowly. It doesn’t happen over night. There are many years for you all to learn, grow and make mistakes together. There is no such thing as a perfect parent or perfect teenager!

Let’s remember, other than the toddler years, this is the biggest change your child will experience, physically, emotionally and socially. There are physiological reasons why they behave like they do. They need cheerleaders in their life to cheer them on and adults they love and respect to guide them through this time.

Most children may experience the odd mood swing as young as 7 or 8 years, this doesn’t mean they instantly hate you. They will get taller and their body shape will start to change, this doesn’t mean they are getting fat. They will start to smell and notice their skin getting oiler. Some hair will appear underarms and around the pubic area. Friendships start to change and become very important to both boys and girls. They are not morphing into some alien creature. They are still the same lovable human being you brought into this world. We just need to put on a different pair of glasses and maybe adjust that parenting hat a little to fit you as a parent of a pubescent child.

Having simple conversations and the odd joke can go a long way to increasing your child’s confidence and state of mind about their growing and developing body. Before puberty hits is an amazing and ideal time for parents to strengthen the relationship before your child moves into the teen years. They will love you for it and gain the tools to love themselves.

3 TIPS to prepare

  • Starting chatting early
  • Be prepared to change your perspective
  • Find a sense of humour and make it fun

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