“No is a loving word”

I recently read some insightful words written by a school principal of a girl’s school my daughter attends. These words particularly caught my attention.

“No is a loving word.”

‘NO’ is such a powerful word that often carries a degree of negativity. It is one being used less and less in the context of our parenting.

Parenting decisions become challenging as children grow older. Life feels like it moves faster and sometimes it is much easier to just say yes than to gather the energy to fire up a debate about a sleep over vs home early to bed, clean room vs go out, device time vs family time.

Whilst saying NO often feels like a much harder road to travel, it sends so many more messages. Next time you feel like it is the right word to say remind yourself and your son or daughter that no also means…..

  • I love and deeply care about you.
  • I am here to support and guide you, particularly when it comes to decision making.
  • Respect others and the privileged life we enjoy.
  • Self-respect requires you to be an individual.
  • Life doesn’t always go the way we would hope it to.

Having and maintaining fluid conversations through the adolescent years are one of the most important opportunities to empower and educate. They may not always be as pleasant as you hope for in the short term, but be ones you value and are grateful for in the longer term.

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