Dads can make a difference!

Recently I was chatting to a couple of mums about girls and periods. Whilst their daughters would probably not find this amusing, mums value sharing mothering experiences. I think it is really important and a vital part of mothering today.

The conversation was centered on the concern that their daughters were choosing to be very private and withdrawn from them when it came to conversations and practical advice about periods.

For those of you with young girls, start these conversations early, it will make ‘period chats’ easier. This however is not the case for many mums. Most put the conversation off and avoid it for as long as physically possible. So what happens when the time comes and it becomes evident that the chat must happen? Like anything we do, the more present something is in our life the more comfortable it becomes. Chat early and chat often.

In an ideal world we would all love this time in our daughters lives to be smooth sailing and blissfully enjoyable. Sometimes it is, sometimes it clearly is not! This is when Dads can make a big difference. Girls love attention and nurturing from their Dad and significant males in their life. It is important for Dads to be encouraged to let their daughters know that they know and respect the changes their bodies are going through. Whilst this may be challenging for some dads, fake it till you make it I say! Not every conversation is going to be easy but this one is important. Use humour, share a personal experience of when you first learnt about periods. It may all appear to be a one-way conversation but your daughter will value it and it communicates that you are interested, on board and respect their body.

Fathers and other key males in a girl’s life are central in establishing self-esteem and self respect in girls.

For some light humour I often encourage dads to watch the following youtube clip

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