Has your child viewed porn?

Has your child viewed porn?

If you think your child is not at risk from being exposed to internet pornography think again. Just type one of the following into Google: what is pornography, sex, pussy or naughty girl. It gets far more explicit once you actively seek it out. Research has found that the average age of first exposure to

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Dads can make a difference!

Recently I was chatting to a couple of mums about girls and periods. Whilst their daughters would probably not find this amusing, mums value sharing mothering experiences. I think it is really important and a vital part of mothering today. The conversation was centered on the concern that their daughters were choosing to be very

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No is a loving word

“No is a loving word”

I recently read some insightful words written by a school principal of a girl’s school my daughter attends. These words particularly caught my attention. “No is a loving word.” ‘NO’ is such a powerful word that often carries a degree of negativity. It is one being used less and less in the context of our

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